Here are a list of my public projects; click on them for more information.

Solar Sim

A planetary body simulator with a HTML5/CSS3/JS frontend and simulated using Rust WebAssembly.

Chess AI Project

A chess game I programmed in Java with support for AI, including neural networks.

Civilization Simulator (civ)

A hexagonal, zero-player civilization simulator game programming in Python with PyGame and Java.


A neural network that inputs an image from Minecraft and outputs a depth estimation.


A social media concept I worked on with Bianca Hanly, Zak Hori, and Jeffrey Liang that won the 2019 Congressional App Challenge (AZ-06)

Matrix Equivalence Classes

A Java program developed off my Google Foobar challenge that counts the equivalence classes of matrix under column and row swaps using group theory and Burnside’s Lemma.

Authorization Tests

My personal experiments with implementing JWT authentication on a create-react-app project.

Minecraft-Discord Bridge

Minecraft Bukkit plugin which integrates Minecraft to the Discord and vice versa. Forked from MineDisco/Minecraft-Discord-Bot-Bukkit] but updating with Minecraft and incorporating new features.