Here are a list of my public projects; click on them for more information.

Solar Sim

A planetary body simulator with a HTML5/CSS3/JS frontend and simulated using Rust WebAssembly.

Chess AI Project

A chess game I programmed in Java with support for AI, including neural networks.

Civilization Simulator (civ)

A hexagonal, zero-player civilization simulator game programmed in Python with PyGame and Java.

Uber Eats Button

A physical, big red button that orders a random meal to your house


A neural network that inputs an image from Minecraft and outputs a depth estimation.


A social media concept I worked on with Bianca Hanly, Zak Hori, and Jeffrey Liang that won the 2019 Congressional App Challenge (AZ-06)

Taco Bell Price Comparer

A website that lets users compare the prices of Taco Bell items across the country by making use of the Taco Bell API.

Matrix Equivalence Classes

A Java program developed off my Google Foobar challenge that counts the equivalence classes of matrix under column and row swaps using group theory and Burnside’s Lemma.

Minecraft-Discord Bridge

Minecraft Bukkit plugin which integrates Minecraft to the Discord and vice versa. Forked from MineDisco/Minecraft-Discord-Bot-Bukkit] but updating with Minecraft and incorporating new features.

Authorization Tests

My personal experiments with implementing JWT authentication on a create-react-app project.