GitHub: ben9583/Minecraft-Discord-Bridge

Minecraft Bukkit plugin which integrates Minecraft to the Discord and vice versa.

Forked from MineDisco/Minecraft-Discord-Bot-Bukkit


  • Messages from Minecraft chat can be delivered to the selected Discord channel
  • Messages from selected Discord channel can be delivered to the Minecraft Chat
  • Different types of messages (advancements, death messages, etc.) can be toggled to display by using commands or by editing the config file
  • Minecraft users can be authenticated using Discord
  • Existing users vote if new user should be let in to the server on the Discord

Minecraft announcements that can be broadcast to Discord:

  • Death notices
  • Advancement messages
  • Join/quit messages (with a count of the current players online)
  • Server “say” messages from the server console


  • Minecraft server which supports Bukkit plugins
  • Be an owner of a Discord server


  1. Download latest plugin .jar from the releases and place it to the plugin folder of your server
  2. When you start server first time with the plugin it generates default config file (explained below)
  3. Go to
  4. Create new application
  5. Create new bot for the application (Bot -> Add bot)
  6. Copy bot token to the config.yml
  7. Restart Minecraft Server
  8. Invite it to your server:
    • Click “OAuth”
    • Select “bot”
    • Select bot permissions (at least “Administrator”)
    • Copy URL and go to it
    • Select server where you want the bot to join and authorize it (If you do not see server in the list, you might not be an owner of that server)
  9. Fill out the rest of the config.yml
  10. Reload the plugin (’/reload confirm’ in minecraft)

Configuration file

  botToken: "DEFAULTTOKEN"                          # Discord bots authentication token
  channelID: "DEFAULTCHANNELID"                     # Discord channel id which is integrated with the Minecraft channel
  requestAccessChannelID: "ACCESSREQUESTCHANNELID"  # Discord channel id of the channel were already allowed users vote if new user should be let in to the server
  syncedChannelRoleID: "DEFAULTROLE"                # Discord role id of the role that have access to integrated Discord and request voting channel 
  commandPrefix: "!"                                # Prefix that has to be used before bot commands
  serverName: "My Server"                           # Name that appears in server reports

  minecraftChatToDiscord: true       # Enables message integration from Minecraft chat to Discord channel
  discordToMinecraftChat: true      # Enables messages integration from Discord channel to Minecraft chat 
  deathMessagesToDiscord: true      # Enables death notices to be delivered to Discord channel
  joinQuitMessagesToDiscord: true   # Enables join/quit notices to be delivered to Discord channel
  serverSayMessagesToDiscord: true  # Enables server say messages to be delivered to Discord channel
  advancementsToDiscord: true       # Enables join/quit notices to be delivered to Discord channel
  discordWhitelist: true            # Enables Discord whitelist (remember to disable original whitelist from the server settings)
  serverSayMessageFilterPrefix: '!' # Filters server say messages that begins with this prefix


CommandDescriptionPermission Required
!set integratedchannelConnects this Discord channel and the Minecraft chatAdministrator
!set prefix NEWPREFIXChanges prefix used before commands. Default is “!”Administrator
!set minecraftchattodiscordEnable/disable message flow from the Minecraft chat to the DiscordAdministrator
!set discordtominecraftchatEnable/disable message flow from the Discord channel to the MinecraftAdministrator
!set deadMessagesToDiscordEnable/disable death notices to the Discord channelAdministrator
!set joinQuitMessagesToDiscordEnable/disable join/quit messages to the Discord channelAdministrator
!set serverSayMessagesToDiscordEnable/disable server console “say”-messages to the Discord channelAdministrator
!set advancementstodiscordEnable/disable advancement messages to the Discord channelAdministrator
!set accessrequestchannelSet channel were bot should post authentication requestsAdministrator
!set role ROLEIDSet role id which bot should add to authenticated user to get access to the other Minecraft Discord channelsAdministrator
!set name NAMESets the name of your server; this is how the bot will refer to this server instance on discordAdministrator
!ping [blank]/PONGPong! (For debug purposes; test if your bot is listening to your messages)Administrator
!versionReturns the version of this pluginAdministrator

Build from Source

If you’d like to contribute/fork, clone this repository and use the following Maven setup to build a jarfile:

git clone ./Minecraft-Discord-Bridge
cd ./Minecraft-Discord-Bridge
mvn package

The output will be located in target/ben9583-[version].jar along with the .class files from the project.